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    My son has been having a great time with this cup. You can fill it with any of your favorite beverages or water. My son likes to fill it with juice and punch. Stick it in the freezer once full. Take it out of the freezer and just squeeze the sides. It is awesome how it makes slushies. It even comes with a combination straw and spoon. When your done it is just as easy as any other cup to clean.

    To be honest, I only bought this because my son begged for it. I just didn't think it would work because it seemed too good to be true. Much to my surprise, it actually works. It needs to be frozen ahead of time, but once it's ready it only takes s couple of minutes to make a slushy. My son had a great time with it and really liked squeezing and smushing it around.

    My kids love this cup! I’m a huge fan too because it’s so easy to turn juice into a cold icy treat. I was amazed how fast it worked. I keep the cup in the freezer until I’m ready to use it, then just pour my drink of choice into it. Within moments I can see slush ice start to form but to really get it nice and slush you just squeeze the cup over and over until it’s the slush consistency of your liking. My kids have fun squeezing it and watching it form and even more they love the drink it makes!

    My daughter just loves to make slushie’s now she has a cup that is a slushie maker really cool soft and non-deformable cup all parts are non-toxic, environmental protection, and healthy. this frozen magic slushy maker is 100% safe for you and your child, DIY smoothie quick-freeze: built-in freezing liquid, pour any drink you like and squeeze it, just 2 minutes, you get smoothies. It is just plain fun, and it is the summertime!!!


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